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The Mission of the Conservative Party (Minnesota) * Promote and protect individual rights and freedoms set forth in the U.S./State Constitution and to limit the scope of the Federal and State government’s authority and reckless spending as set forth therein. The Conservative Party will preserve the core principles described in the founding documents of the United States. * Provide true conservatives a strong political support base that empowers them to stop the corruption of the current two-party system, formulate a genuine conservative agenda and articulate those views to the American people without reservation. This creates the political environment that will encourage its members to run for elected office in their Localities, the Minnesota State Legislature and the U.S. Congress. In short: Eliminate Democrats and phase-out Republi-dems. * Unite various Conservative groups around Minnesota and the nation in order to create a strong, coordinated alliance to promote Conservatism and build an effective political base. It’s time to “Come Home America”.